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Amanda Simmons is one of the UK’s finest glass artists living right here in Galloway. We have worked with Amanda to showcase new work in a new way.
As well as the beautiful vessels and wall pieces she is renowned for, Amanda has made pieces for everyday use. We have a fabulous table setting in the gallery of plates, cups and coasters with a special eye-catching centre piece all made by Amanda in glass with colour and pattern inspired by the natural world.
The exhibition has been designed around Amanda’s work with two other invited glass artists. Colin and Louise Hawkins of Loco Glass from Gloucestershire who make hand blown bottles, bowls and vases in gorgeous Autumnal colours, and Vicky Higginson a young artist from Edinburgh who has already made a significant impact with her work will also be exhibiting her pieces inspired by Japanese design.

The exhibition opens on 16th September at Designs Gallery
and continues until 4th November, 2017 (closed Sundays)

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